Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Summer in Waterton

We had such a FABULOUS summer, many of the days being spent in Waterton!
We would often slip out there for an evening of fishing or watching a presentation at Falls Theatre.  We took the kids camping for the first time EVER, and we all discovered how special the park is in the evening and early hours of each morning.  

John and I even took a couple of days and camped there alone!!!

Here are a few photos that take me back to some of those beautiful summer days.     

Monday, September 30, 2013

Wildlife Festival

This past Friday, I participated in a Photography workshop in Waterton.   (It's the Wildlife Festival right now, and so there's a bunch of various classes/presentations that you can attend.)  

The class lasted two hours and involved a drive up Akimina Road, a stop near Red Rock for some camera tutorial, and then a drive back.   All the while we scoured the landscape in search of Wildlife.   The first hour and a half was, frankly, quite lame.   We saw little.   
The last half hour was AMAZING as we came upon several bears just off the side of the road.  
To say we caused a "bear jam" would be an understatement.   Imagine 10 amateur photographers all vying for the closest/best angle.   

It had snowed the day before which made the air quite cool, BUT provided a BEAUTIFUL backdrop!

After the course, I hung around Waterton a bit for some time to do the things I normally don't do when my kids come along.    I stopped off at my favorite restaraunt Vimy's and had a Turkey Club Sandwich and Clam Chowder while I watched the rain fall outside.   THEN, I headed over to the Falls Theatre for a 1 hour presentation about Wolves.  Before heading home I grabbed a cup of steamed milk and drove out to the flat to watch the Elk.    

It was pretty much the perfect way to end a busy week;) 

Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Photo Contests Entered. Check!!

This past year John and I tried to explore some new and fun places in Waterton and Glacier with the kids.   I also had the chance to take a Wildflower Photography Course as well.   (I LOVED that!)

Below are some of the pictures that I have entered into Photo Contests.   
Fingers Crossed!

Baring Falls:

 Close to Sunrift Gorge:

Many Glacier:

On the way to Baring Falls:

Pink Spirea at Lunch Creek:

Spring Thaw in Waterton:

Cameron Falls:

Sticky Purple Geranium in Waterton:

 View of Waterton:

Field of Fireweed:

 From the Prince of Whales Hotel:

Lady Slippers in Waterton:

 Prince of Whales in the Springtime:

 Red Rock Canyon:

Friday, August 23, 2013

Wildflower Festival

This past June I attended a wildflower photography course in Waterton.      
  The weather was BEAUTIFUL.  Not too hot, but definitely not cold.   

We met at the Info Center in Waterton, and then we all followed our Instructor Frans various locations around the park (but really outside the park) looking for wildflowers.    Occasionally, he would give us tips and pointers that would be valuable to any photographer.   

 Here are a few of them searching through a field full of wild onion and shooting stars.

I loved every second of the morning, and was perfectly happy when our course went a little over time.
There is something about just being in nature and really noticing it that does wonders for ya.   I really feel as though this course helped spark within me a deep interest for flowers, and I can hardly wait to get back to Waterton and see what other ones I can find.     

Here are a few of the flowers that I saw today.   I'll admit, I knew NONE of them before this morning, and I hope that the ones I identified are at least identified correctly!:) 

Sunday, October 7, 2012

A Glacier/Waterton Summer

We had a fun summer, one that took us to Coeur D'Alene, Montana, and even BC.
Still though, no matter where we went, I was always excited to get back to my home, to the familiar national parks that we are so lucky to live so close to.   

The following pictures are some of the photos that I've entered this year in various photo contests.   
Whether a photo actually wins or not is no longer the point.    
I just really do love visiting these special two places!

Photo taken near the Many Glacier Hotel

This photo was taken at our families favorite spot in Waterton (or one of them;) - Pass Creek!

This is a photo of "Lunch Creek" located in Glacier National Park. 
John grew up picnicking with his family at Lunch Creek.
(What a lucky childhood eh:)

Another shot of "Lunch Creek"

Prince of Whales Hotel in Waterton.   
Every once in a while we spend the night in Waterton, and the sunrises are always something glorious!

Driving along the "Going to the Sun Road."   At Sunset, by the way;)  

We've driven along the Camron Road more times then I can count, and only recently have I noticed this beautiful waterfall just off the side of the road.    

Cameron Lake

Walking along the Trail of the Cedars in Glacier National Park.

Our kids weren't too excited about the hike we forced them to endure, but they sure loved playing and exploring Bertha Falls once we'd arrived;)

When we visit Many Glacier, we often simply enjoy a stroll around Swift Current Lake.   

I love looking at these pictures and recalling the beautiful summer moments that each photo portrays.   I'm a lucky girl to get to live where I do!